Donald Trump Jr. Concedes, Apologizes To Sanders Camp Over Nazi Tweet

Corrections and apologies hardly ever get the light of day they should in today’s media. More times often than not, they are overlooked entirely, buried in some micro-section way in the back of a paper, or not printed or reported at all. However, with the political atmosphere being what it is today in the throes of the 2016 presidential election, with a racist, fascist Republican front-runner and the media hell-bent on convincing American voters that the only democratic candidate worth supporting is Hillary Clinton, no matter how much support sounds across the country for underdog Bernie Sanders, it’s important to point out this apology from Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Monday night, admitting his claim that a woman waving the Nazi salute at a Trump rally, since photographed and gone viral across the Internet, was actually a Bernie Sanders supporter trying to tarnish the image of the innocent, benevolent, inclusive spirit that is Donald Trump.

donald trump jr.
(Image via YouTube video screen capture)

Trump Jr. tweeted:

“Nazi salute woman at Chicago rally wasn’t Bernie supporter Portia Boulger—was someone else. Got bad info. My apologies.”

Trump Jr.’s initial claim regarding the Trump-supporting Chicago woman throwing the Nazi salute was based on a tweet he’d seen from someone else two weeks before. Though, as the Chicago Tribune reports, “His apology tweet was retweed more than 350 times and got more than 1,000 likes,” the damage had already been done to Sanders’ campaign—what little damage it may have caused, anyway, as the only people who would have believed such an absurd notion as professed by Trump Jr. are those already blatantly biased against Sanders in the first place.

But because Sanders is the cherished underdog in this election cycle, and because he’s had the entire political establishment against him from the start, as well as the media, it’s important to point out Trump Jr.’s apology to clear the air. It deserves attention, not only to put this absurd notion that a Sanders supporter would impersonate a Nazi simply to tarnish Donald Trump (there are enough of his actual Nazi supporters to do that on their own), but to once again underline the point that this woman was, in fact, a genuine Trump supporter then, and waving the Nazi salute in such a brash manner that the entirety of the United States should likely go sit in its room and think about what it’s done to foster an environment where a woman such as this could feel so comfortable doing such a thing.

To be clear, according to the Chicago Tribune:

“The woman in the photo taken by a Tribune photographer outside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion on March 11 is shown wearing a Trump shirt and was identified as Birgitt Peterson, 69, of Yorkville, as reported in a Tribune story the next day. Peterson said she emigrated from West Berlin and has been a U.S. citizen since 1982.”

How charming, an actual Nazi feeling right at home here in Donald Trump’s America.

Folks in Trump denial, what will it take for you to finally wake up and see the dangerous fascist hiding behind that confidence, that smile, behind that arrogance and under that unruly coif?

Time to join the resistance.

Featured image by HellWarz Live via YouTube video screen capture.