Trump: ‘Making America Great Again’ Is The Only Workout I Need

Call him crazy, savvy, or scary, but one thing is clear: Donald Trump knows how to get the crowd chanting his name.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to get tired of being in the spotlight. We confirmed here that he received more free media coverage among all presidential candidates of both divides – Democratic and Republican. Now, he’s at it again.

In typical Trump style, he boasted to People Magazine that the amount of sleep he needs in any single day is just 4 hours, and  with that, he’s good to go – ready to kick some democratic a*s, or anyone else who is in the way (looking at you Ted Cruz!).

To further lead him on his ego or confidence trip – call it what you will – he was asked this very common question:

“Do you work-out regularly?”

Mr. Trump would not be put on the spot and he gave a fitting response to the reporter when he stated emphatically:

“Don’t have to. When you’re making speeches for 25,000 people and shouting and screaming and having fun with everybody and making America great again, you get a lot of exercise.”

Now, we have the key to being fit. Next time you want to cut corners on your fitness routines, simply get into a stadium or a park where a sizable number of people are gathered and scream your head off.

I didn’t say so, Trump said so.

69-year-old Donald Trump is a front-runner for the Republican ticket for the 2016 presidential election.


Featured Image by DonkeyHotey under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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