Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Is Now A Fox News Journalist

Exactly what kind of credentials would one need to be a Fox News journalist? While I’m sure many of you have already thought of some very witty answers, Fox News seems dead serious on welcoming “Duck Dynasty’s” Willie Robertson into the fold.

Image via Video
Image via Video

While Fox is touting Robertson’s new gig as a “contributor,” let’s face it – It’s Fox News! Robertson being an actual journalist there would be a proper fit. Robertson is not exactly a stranger there as they have had him on many times to give his “expert” opinion on issues such as politics.

While Fox made the announcement on March 31, Mediaite reports that we also have something else to look forward to, a new podcast from the reality television star. As Mediate reports:

“The Willie Robertson Podcast will launch next Monday, April 4th, and the weekly program will “focus on faith and family along with occasional celebrity guest interviews.”

This should be some entertaining stuff from the new journalist, especially since Robertson is endorsing Donald Trump. I’m sure it won’t be long until the two reality stars have an in-depth conversation on the new podcast. As for “celebrity guest interviews,” the Orlando Sentinel reports that:

“To launch the podcast, Fox News Radio will offer three episodes. One is an interview with Benjamin Watson of the Baltimore Ravens.”

I truly can’t wait to hear what the new journalist will have to say. Religion, politics, race relations, terrorism, you name it. I’m sure it will be very enlightening. There is also sure to be a feeling out process. Even the best journalist is bound to make mistakes. Just ask Shepard Smith.

Just six-months ago he identified Leonardo DiCaprio as the painter of the famous “Mona Lisa” on air. I guess time will tell how Robertson’s new gig will turn out. I do have to say that I’m betting on him giving everyone some good material to write about.

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