SNL Hilariously Captures Donald Trump’s Crazy Supporters

Despite all of Donald Trump’s antics and crazy political viewpoints that even has some on the right fleeing from him, he has very faithful supporters who believe Trump can do no wrong.

It really is shocking that even when Trump makes some very preposterous statements, his cult following will still stand-by their man.

In their last episode, Saturday Night Live perfectly captured one of these crazy Trump supporters, brilliantly played by Cecily Strong. Regardless of disparaging video shown of Trump making sexual comments about his daughter’s breasts and chanting over and over that “women suck,” Strong had an excuse or a come-back for every last despicable thing Trump did or said.

The skit would probably not be as funny if it were not so true. It is really hard to watch some of the people who the media interview condone even the most outlandish things that come out of Trump’s mouth.

Watch the skit yourself and tell me that you haven’t seen people like Strong’s character recently interviewed:


Featured image is a screengrab from YouTube.