Ted Nugent Praises Fake, Racist ‘2 N***ers And A Stolen Truck’ Business

A racist and very offensive photo of a fake moving company caught the admiration of National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent.

Besides the offensive name, the truck bears the offensive slogan “We move your shit like it was our’s (sic).” There’s also a logo with just the kind of caricatures of African Americans that a white racist would find funny.

Nugent certainly found it amusing. He wrote on Facebook:

“Before all the braindead dishonest lying scum politically correct racist hatepunks get all goofball toxic on us here, I am simply promoting a brilliant entrepreneur in Detroit that created a clever bussiness. His words, not mine. Ya gotta luv this guy!! When in doubt whip it out!”

Nugent Facebook screen grab via Crooks and Liars
Facebook screen grab via Crooks and Liars

But Media Matters points out, “There is no actual moving company; the image is actually a fake that has been shared on racist websites and condemned by civil rights leaders.”

Nugent has since removed the post from his Facebook page.

Nugent Facebook grab via Crooks and Liars.
Facebook grab via Crooks and Liars.


But I couldn’t find any apology for it.

That’s no surprise. Nugent has long been an unabashed bigot. Last year, he thanked President Obama for giving whites the right to say the n-word. In February, he posted a photo on Facebook suggesting that gun control advocates are out for America’s guns because they’re Jewish. That’s not counting his violent rhetoric that urged then-candidate Barack Obama to “suck my machine gun” and Hillary Clinton to “ride into the sunset” on his gun.

So what’s not to like if you’re the NRA? After Nugent’s February post, Nugent was slammed by even the gun-loving crowd. Nugent even made a rare apology. But the NRA issued a mealy-mouthed statement that “individual board members do not speak” for the pro-gun lobbyists. Yet, the NRA opened an investigation into board member Grover Norquist after a right-wing smear campaign tarred him as having ties to radical Muslims.

Meanwhile, Nugent is up for re-election to his NRA board seat in May. If the members re-elect him, it will say just as much about them as it does about Nugent.

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