Teen Goes Viral When She DESTROYS Homophobic Aunt On Twitter

We often think we have the monopoly on the wonderful world of bigots and homophobic people here in the United States. It turns out the United Kingdom has them too.

Over the weekend, Charlie and her Aunt Marie got into an argument. Marie made a homophobic comment using the word ‘f*ggot.’ Charlie decided to share this on Twitter because that’s where we all go to rant.

In an attempt to check up on her niece and ‘apologize,’ Aunt Marie sent the following text:


What a sweet apology!

Charlie had the perfect comeback:


While Charlie’s mother wasn’t so happy about all of this, her father was proud and even gave her money.

Pretty quickly, #AuntMarie was trending on Twitter reaching celebrities like Elizabeth Banks who has offered moral support to Charlie.

Out of it all, Charlie hopes she has inspired other young LGBT people to stand up for themselves. Familial verbal abuse is fairly rampant for LGBT teens and young adults. You don’t have to stick with family because of some obligation when they’re disrespecting you.

After all, the “blood is thicker than water”” quote everyone uses actually states “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” What does this mean? Bonds you form yourself are stronger than those forged by genetics. The support Charlie has received proves this.

All photos were taken from Charlie’s Twitter account.

Kirsten Schultz is a writer and chronic illness guru living in Madison, Wisconsin. Her undergraduate degree is in religious studies with a double minor in history and politics. However, during her first go of graduate school, she fell extremely ill and had to drop out. She now shares her musings on living with chronic illness at her site Not Standing Still's Disease, writes about how illness affects Quality of Life (QoL) issues at Chronic Sex and Creaky Joints, and runs a weekly chat on QoL issues Thursday nights on Twitter.