Sales Clerk Shamelessly Fat Shames Teen, Gets SLAMMED By Mom On Facebook

A Kansas mom voiced her displeasure when a Dillards sales person insisted that her daughter needed to wear Spanx in order to look good in a dress.

The mom, Megan Naramore Harris, 36, was shopping with her daughter Lexi for a dress for the teenager’s upcoming middle school formal. And what was supposed to be a great shopping experience for both mother and daughter left them angry and hurt as the salesperson gave over-the-top unsolicited advice.

Megan and Lexi had apparently found a good dress at another store, but they were looking for the perfect one. Their search brought them to Dillards, only that the experience left a bitter taste in their mouths.

At Dillards, Lexi was having a hard time finding a dress she liked while her mom urged her to try on a red dress. The teen didn’t like the dress and she felt the dress made her look too old, but she kept it on long enough for her mom to take a picture.

Sales Person Beautiful Girl
Lexi Harris in the Red Dress. Image courtesy – Megan Harris via Facebook.

That was when the sales person came into the fitting area and stated that Lexi needed a pair of belly-smoothing Spanx if she wants to wear the red dress.

Megan was understandably infuriated and she told the woman that her daughter looked good without Spanx. The sales person didn’t take the hint that she had gone overboard and commenced to argue, a situation Megan didn’t enjoy.

Facebook/Megan Naramore Harris

In her Facebook post, Megan made clear that lots of young girls suffer from low self-image due to derogatory words like those used by the sales person. She also reiterated that every girl is beautiful in her own way and no one should be boxed into stereotypes created by others.

Megan went on to say she hopes the salesperson sees her post and doesn’t make such unsolicited and damaging comments again.


Featured Image Courtesy: Megan Naramore Harris via Facebook.

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