Clinton Receives Low Opinion From Jimmy Carter As Secretary Of State

It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton has more ardent detractors than Jimmy Carter. There are those that would like to see her go to prison over her private email server, and those that would like to do worse over the Benghazi “scandal.” Each time though she seems to always be one step ahead of her detractors.

Featured Image by U.S. National Archives, available under a Creative Commons Public Domain Mark 1.0 license.

So when Carter spoke with TIME in a phone interview last Tuesday, he gave a candid and honest answer regarding his thoughts about Clinton and her role as Secretary of State. Now I wouldn’t exactly call former President Carter a detractor of Clinton, but his opinion of her wasn’t very flattering either.

When Carter was asked about John Kerry and his efforts in bringing peace to the Middle East, Carter responded by saying:

“I think they are notable, and I have a great admiration for him. I stay in touch with him fairly often by email. I send him messages and tell him what my thoughts might be, and he has responded very graciously. He has had a very difficult time operating pretty much on his own. I know from experience that the best way to have the United States be a mediator is for the President himself to be deeply involved. In this occasion, when Secretary Clinton was Secretary of State, she took very little action to bring about peace. It was only John Kerry’s coming into office that reinitiated all these very important and crucial issues.”

While Carter’s critique of Secretary Clinton taking, “very little action to bring about peace,” may not make waves in the mainstream media, it’s a pretty sharp criticism coming from a man who knows a thing or two about foreign policy and affairs.

Even today one just has to go to the Carter Center’s website to see many of the accomplishments and highlights of the great organization that Carter founded with his wife, Rosalynn. Founded in 1982, it has been fighting to “advance peace and health worldwide.”

While I do hope that Democrats keep The White House, for a man who has spent decades trying to bring peace to so many countries have such a low opinion of your own actions has to sting a little.



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