Crazy Dad Goes Ballistic Over What Teachers Taught His Son In 4th Grade

Bruce “Deano” Divers, Jr. forced a school lockdown because he doesn’t want his 4th grade son to understand what’s happening to his awkward and growing preteen body. Perhaps that’s Mr. Divers right as a father. I mean, it’s not like male puberty is a confusing time or anything like that.

What is not the father’s right, however, is threatening retaliation towards multiple teachers at his kid’s school and forcing a lockdown of all five schools in Decorah, Iowa. Students still attended classes, but were not allowed to leave the building. Mr. Divers was later arrested and is now facing two charges of 2nd degree harassment and one charge of 3rd degree harassment. Because … masturbation.

Divers sent an email to one teacher which said, in part:

“Decorah schools spiritually declared war against my house today.”

His email continuted by threatening “retaliation” on Monday morning, though he did promise that his 3rd grade daughter’s teacher would “not be caught in the crosshairs.” Well, that’s reassuring.

But the email still wasn’t enough for Deano; not to be known as a minute man, he then proceeded to threaten two more teachers on Facebook. The report from the Washington Post continues:

“Schools superintendent Mike Haluska told The Post that Divers said he was ‘looking to prosecute’ two teachers who spoke to the students. Divers said he was taking on the district ‘because they have already committed war crimes against my family,’ according to Haluska.”

To make matters worse, or I guess funnier, it turns out the school offers a waiver at the beginning of the school year for parents who don’t want their children to participate in the class. Sadly, Mr. Divers wasn’t interested enough in his son’s heathen education to fill out the necessary paperwork, so now the son is being forced to learn about why the girls around him are changing shape and why that’s making him change shape.

The end result of that should actually please ultra-conservatives like Mr. Divers. It turns out, according to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), when preteens and teens are given information about sex, they tend to hold off on having sex until they’re older. Imagine that…giving responsibility to teenagers encourages them to be more responsible.

The implication of this should be much more clear to those with the mindset that Mr. Divers represents. Teaching kids about sex leads to them having less sex and/or waiting longer to have sex, which leads to less teenage pregnancy, which naturally leads to drastically fewer abortions. And all it took was giving them information about what’s happening to their minds and bodies, rather than crossing our fingers and hoping they aren’t traumatized by the process of learning it on the fly.

Seems like a better option than embarrassing your 4th grade son mercilessly by being the dad that forced a school lockdown over a conversation about puberty. Come on, Deano, grow a pair.

Featured image modified from original image by Romana Klee via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

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