Fox Shrink Goes On A Crazy Rant Blaming Transgenders And Facebook For Rachel Dolezal

This Fox shrink’s paranoid web connects transgenders to Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who claimed to be black. Also, liberals, Mark Zuckerberg and jihadists. It could take a team of psychiatrists just to untangle it.

Ablow was asked to psychoanalyze why Dolezal would have called herself black when she wasn’t. Or, as Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy put it, why she committed “race fraud.”

Sigmund Freud probably might have kept busy for a week with Ablow’s answer.

Ablow’s unhinged rant began with blaming liberals’ “new world order” and claiming that because of Dolezal anyone can get Medicare at any age just so long as you say you’re 65.

“There are people and they’re Democrats and they’re liberals and they’re people who would say, ‘Yes, you can [choose your race].’ And I’ve been told by lawyers I consult that, ‘Hey, if I think I’m 65 and I say my entire self-concept is that of a 65 year-old, can I get Medicare?’ and the lawyers have told me, ‘You know what, you’d have a case.’ Because of women like this, right? And because of other case law relating to transgenders. And you say that you’re female, you have to be treated in some states as a female. If I say I’m 65, why am I not 65? Why are you committing ageism against me?”

Rather than challenge that word salad of cray cray, Doocy asked for more. And he got it. Ablow continued by dragging in transgenders, Mark Zuckerberg and something about open borders:

“Who was the first human being in the world to say that transgenderism would pave the way for people to declare their own races? Dr. Keith Ablow. I warned about it. And it’s happening and it will happen with age and because of guys like Mark Zuckerberg, who have you invent your life on Facebook and then don’t understand the concepts of the borders of a country. The country’s a real mark, he’s part of this too. It’s part of the denial of reality.”

While he was at it, Ablow threw terrorism into his giant transgenders-Zuckerberg-ageism conspiracy theory.

“What’s [Zuckerberg] doing? He’s saying, ‘Invent yourself. Throw up happy pictures. Just tell your story. Mind not that it’s not your real story. And don’t worry about these jihadists. They’re not really out to kill you because you’re American, because, you know what, you’re not American. You’re just one of the pixels on Facebook.’ You know what? He’s a dangerous guy. This woman is a dangerous woman. Because the bottom line is we want our kids to grow up sane.”

Once again, Ablow proved he’s the one who could use a good shrink.

Watch it below, via Media Matters.

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Ellen Brodsky is a long time blogger for and a contributor to Crooks and Liars. She has also worked as a researcher for Brave New Films' landmark documentary, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" and "Iraq for Sale."