These Images Show How Drastically The Female ‘Perfect Body’ Has Changed In 100 Years

They say the female body is a true work of art. From the Gibson Girl to the Disco Diva, however, the perfect body has certainly changed over the last 100 years. In fact, the media’s concept of the ideal woman continues to change as must as any popular style or genre. This is influenced by fashion trends, as well as popular music and even politics. As a result, the qualities we want in women today-are often at odds with that of previous generations.

To showcase how much the female body has changed over the last century – we compare some of the leading looks that turned heads and captured the true essence of sexiness in America.

The Gibson Girl

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Based on the illustrations of Charles Gibson, the Gibson Girl was truly the “it girl” of the era. In fact, she was a trend and jet setter that was adored the world over. From fashion photographers to media professionals, The Gibson Girl appeared in LIFE magazine – and quickly became the Beyonce of her era. Women also wanted to emulate the Gibson Girl look, which revolved around corsets, round-soft bodies, and small waists.

As a Gibson Girl model, Evelyn Nesbit was considered the first supermodel ever. With her stunning long neck, sloped shoulders, and fashionable curls-she truly captured the look and essence of the time.


The Disco Diva

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Fast forward 60 years to the disco-riddled dance floors of the 70s. From “Saturday Night Fever” to Studio 54-Disco is the sound of the day and the Divas rules the night. From hippy jumpsuits to fashionable bell-bottoms, the divas were slim-hipped and flat-stomached from Brooklyn to LA. Synthetic fabrics like spandex and polyester are also embraced, which allows curvature to make a resurgence.


The Super Models

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A decade later spawns the Super Model movement across America. From Christie Brinkley to Ella MacPherson, the runways are blanketed by countless fashion models with long and slender legs. Women across the country rush to local fitness centers to tap into the aerobics craze-courtesy of Jane Fonda. The era also gives birth to new fashion trends, hip-hop, and the rise of music videos.


Today – It’s all about that Booty

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From Jennifer Lopez to Nicki Minaj, 2016 is certainly the year of the booty. While butt implants continue to soar in global popularity, having a round rump and knowing how to “twerk” seem to be all the rage.