Guess Who’s Just Been Hit With A $4 Million Lawsuit, And By Who?

Donald Trump (aka Mr. Lawsuit) has just been hit with one himself. This time it’s coming from a top GOP strategist, Cheri Jacobus. Jacobus is suing Trump and his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, for making false statements about her earlier this year. She is suing for $4 million in damages.

This past January, Trump and Lewandowski began attacking Jacobus in response to criticisms she had made. They both claimed she had begged them for a job and gotten angry when they rejected her. Trump made several insulting tweets making these claims, calling her “a major loser” with “zero credibility.”

But Jacobus says these statements are false and has evidence to prove it. She has included in her lawsuit messages from the Trump campaign from last Spring, reaching out to her to work for them.

Jacobus also says the attacks she faced from the Trump campaign led to harassment from his supporters. She says she was subject to a wide range of sexist slurs, threats, and offensive photographs. These include images of her being sexually assaulted. They also include an image of male “parts” hanging from her chin. These photos are included in court documents as part of the lawsuit.

She also claims the disparaging attacks from the Trump campaign have harmed her career. She says they have led to a decline in speeches and television appearances.

Jacobus says she met with Trump’s campaign staff but turned down the position because of Lewandowski’s “boorish behavior.”

This is the second complaint from a female Republican about Lewandowski. This lawsuit comes days after Florida prosecutors dropped assault charges against Trump’s campaign manager, citing lack of evidence. The woman in that case, Michelle Fields, has also said she is considering filing a defamation lawsuit against the Trump campaign.

This highlights once again the hostility and sexism towards women, both from Trump’s supporters and from the campaign itself. No wonder he is so unpopular with women. The real question is, why does he have any female supporters at all?

Image via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons Attribution- 2.0 Generic license.