Clinton Aide: Sanders Can Tone Down His Rhetoric Or ‘F*ck Him’

An unnamed senior Hillary Clinton aide seems to be taking some unflattering shots at Bernie Sanders. While he may not be getting physical, he is throwing some barbed words his way.

The anonymous aide stated in comments made to Glenn Thrush from Politico that:

“We kicked his a** tonight.”

He didn’t stop there, he also said that the Vermont senator needs to tone down on his rhetoric.

In the run-up to the New York primary, Sanders abandoned his usual congenial tone and laid into Clinton, saying she was “not qualified” to be president.

He began by saying:

“I don’t believe she is qualified if she is…”

The crowd immediately cut him off with loud cheering.

She on the other hand let the voters decide on Tuesday, by winning the New York Primary.

Having lost to an “unqualified” rival, the Clinton campaign has been making a case that Sanders should be careful in his attacks on their candidate. They are claiming that Clinton’s victory means the Vermont Senator’s attacks are more likely to hurt the eventual Democratic nominee in a face-off with the GOP.

Ironically, the anonymous aide’s call for civility from Sanders’ camp is pretty uncivil itself. In a downright disrespectful tone, he told Thrush:

“I hope this convinces Bernie to tone it down. If not, f*#k him.”

For someone asking the other party to be more respectful towards his boss, he is definitely making a mess of the whole situation.

It makes you wonder who is using the most outrageous rhetoric.

One shouldn’t attack another person and not expect some form of retaliation at the earliest opportunity. That’s the whole idea of one-upmanship. It’s about making your opponent look bad while you bathe yourself in glory.

Let’s hope they both sheath their swords and work together towards the common good.

This video is from late last month and talks about Bernie’s plan to attack Hillary heading into the New York Primary.

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