Another Reason Justin Trudeau Is Awesome

As if Justin Trudeau couldn’t get any more awesome he does this. The Prime Minister took the time to help a man in a wheelchair get down a broken escalator. He was in a Montreal Metro station and participated in this act of kindness.

This just shows that we still don’t have every place accessible for people with disabilities. Most metro stations are now, but not every station is handicapped accessible. Trudeau has further solidified his awesomeness.

In case you didn’t know about him, he is one of the coolest world leaders. He is also a feminist. He says he is raising his sons to be feminists as well.

At a panel at the World Economic Forum, he had some great things to say about feminism. He says that men need to be a part of this conversation. He mentions his wife, Sophie, who is very passionate about women’s and girls’ issues. He talks about the importance of telling his sons about feminism. They need to learn how to treat women. He also says we need to not be afraid of the word “feminist.”

Trudeau has also accepted Syrian refugees into Canada. He personally welcomed the first plane-full of them last week.

Here is what one refugee Kevork Jamkossian had to say about the experience:

“We really would like to thank you for all this hospitality and the warm welcome and all the staff—we felt ourselves at home and we felt ourselves highly respected.”

Jamkossian was one of the first ones off of the plane with his daughter Madeline. Trudeau told them welcome home.

Trudeau has also been in the news recently because of his physician-assisted death law. He said he doesn’t like the concept, but he became open to it after watching his father die from a terminal disease.

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