Bernie Sanders Campaign: ‘We Don’t Pay for Comments’ (VIDEO)

A spokesman for the Bernie Sanders Campaign declared that their campaign and messaging partners would not pay people to respond to internet criticism against the Vermont Senator. Rapid response director Mike Casca said:

“Our campaign and our vendors are not paying people to reply to anti-Bernie comments on social media,” before adding, “Come on man, really?”

These comments came in response to news that the Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC, Correct the Record, would be launching a $1 million project called “Barrier Breakers.” The $1 million project declared that it has already addressed the comments of 5,000 people that have attacked the former Secretary of State on Twitter. The push back campaign plans to target progressive internet communities. Some Reddit commenters have already complained about it’s effectiveness.

Other Reddit commenters countered that this exact strategy had been employed by the Sanders campaign when it hired Revolution Messaging. These commenters cited the same story from New Hampshire Public Radio, which never mentions Revolution Messaging using comment sections to correct commenters. When Correct the Record’s communications director Elizabeth Shappell was asked if their personnel and staff had been told to distribute the Revolution Messaging, she refused comment any further.

Shappell did comment that “Barrier Breakers 2016 distributes positive messages in support of Hillary Clinton for President, not anything else.” This isn’t the first time that Clinton supporters have tried to draw a false link to Revolution Messagingcorrecting internet comments. Kim Frederick, the creator of #HillarySoQualified alleged that Revolution Media pays commenters $15 per hour and her comments made their way into the Washington Post on April 7 before being retracted.

An official from the Bernie Sanders campaign said that the $16 million paid to Revolution Messaging has been used to pay for online advertisements, web development, photography, videography, and email fundraising.

Thanks to a Federal Election Commission loophole, Correct the Record has been able to communicate directly with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Thanks to the deadlock between the FEC, Correct the Record founder David Brock has proudly declared that “Correct the Record will work in support of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president, aggressively responding to false attacks and misstatements of the secretary’s exemplary record.”


Featured image via The Daily Beast