Police Break Up Domestic Dispute — Between A Man And His PARROT

A guy buys a parrot from a pet shop…stop me if you’ve heard this one. Guy gets this parrot who says all kinds of nasty things to him, calling him names and cussing him out. Fearing the neighbors might call it in as a domestic dispute, the frustrated man takes the bird and shoves it in his freezer until it cools its head a bit.

A few minutes later, the bird ceases the swearing. Fearing he had killed it, the man quickly opens the freezer. Out walks a suddenly obedient and polite parrot, who immediately expresses remorse for its prior attitude.

The parrot, pointing back towards the freezer, asks the man, “By the way, for future reference, could you tell me what the turkey did?”

Strange things can happen when you argue with a parrot. An Ontario man now fully understands this truth after he earned a visit to his house from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to break up what neighbors described as a domestic dispute.

When they got there, they were expecting to address a spat between the man and his wife. Instead they found only the man — screaming at his parrot.

According to the man, his bird had been “beaking off” at him.

OPP Constable Steve Bates confirmed that the bird was unharmed and no charges were filed. Police weren’t too upset, noting that a unique incident like this can sometimes provide a welcome diversion from the routine. Bates added:

“These are the kinds of stories that police run into all the time. It just adds some levity to the job.”

Bates also noted that alcohol was a factor. God, I hope so.

While we can’t provide video of the hilarious encounter, this pet shop sketch from “Monty Python’s The Flying Circus” already gave us an idea what it would look like to see a man yelling at a parrot. Enjoy.


Featured image via Getty/Keith Tsuji

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