Jane Sanders: ‘We Are In It Until The Convention’ (Video)

For anyone who may still be doubting whether or not Bernie Sanders will remain in the race, his wife Jane Sanders has made the campaign’s intentions perfectly clear in a recent MSNBC interview.

There has been a lot of chatter from the major media lately about the future of Bernie Sanders’ campaign following his loss in the New York primary. Most recently, the New York Times published a piece saying that Bernie planned to “reassess” his campaign after Super Tuesday. Here is what the senator’s wife has to say about such assertions.


Jane Sanders scolded the corporate media for dismissing Bernie Sanders’ chances throughout the race and for focusing on the so-called political horse race rather than the issues. She also made it perfectly clear that they are in this until the end.

This could be good news for Bernie supporters across the country, who may have started to worry that Bernie Sanders would soften his message now that his nomination chances have grown slimmer. While Bernie Sanders has promised that he would help Hillary Clinton defeat the Republicans in November, he has also stressed that would use his political leverage to push Hillary Clinton towards a more progressive stance on key issues.

Perhaps the most reassuring news from Jane Sanders here is also the least surprising. Whether he wins or loses, Senator Sanders is not giving up on his political movement. The so-called political revolution that has energized millions of Americans will continue. After all, as Sanders has said from the very start of the campaign, this is about more than just one election.

Featured image via YouTube screen grab.