WTF?! Benghazi Committee Wants To Interview Callers To Talk Shows As Witnesses

How can we tell conclusively that the House Select Committee on Benghazi is quite literally a joke and cannot ever hope to be taken as anything more than a political hatchet job on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton? They now want to use callers to Sean Hannity’s radio show as witnesses.

Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephen Hedger laid out a list of abuses by the committee since they began their investigation in 2012, and he also noted:

“The Committee has requested to interview an individual identified as ‘John from Iowa’ who described himself as a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) camera operator on a talk radio show, where he described what he allegedly saw in the video feed from the night of the attack. The Department has expended significant resources to locate anyone who might match the description of this person, to no avail. The Committee staff then expanded this initial request to include all RPA pilots and RPA sensor operators who operated in the region that night.”

Keep in mind the Benghazi committee has already wasted $6.7 million in taxpayer funds on this bogus, politically-motivated farce. The former Secretary of State also testified before the committee for over 11 hours and never once refused to answer any question that was asked of her. But now we’re supposed to foot the bill for these same GOP hacks to track down callers to right-wing talk shows.

One thing I personally hope happens if Clinton is elected President in November: I hope she sits down and writes a letter to the Benghazi committee. Something short and sweet like this:

Dear Morons:

I win, you lose, ha ha ha! 


Featured Image Via Wikipedia/Public Domain