President Obama Correspondent’s Dinner Speech Closed With Epic Mic Drop (VIDEO)

According to Politcususa,  President Obama ended his speech at the White House Correspondent’s  Dinner with an epic “Obama out” and a mic drop. Love him or hate him, it was the coolest exit to date by a president. He also threw a clap-back at conservatives and haters who refute the idea that a woman can or should be POTUS by saying,

“Next year someone else will be standing in this very spot, it’s anyone’s guess who she will be.”

POTUS Invited A Myriad Of Constituents To the White House

President Obama is charismatic and has done the most of any president in mixing and mingling with everyday constituents. Take a look at five things he’s done during his tenure:

  1. Invited Virginia McLaurin, 104,  to the White House where she danced with POTUS ad FLOTUS
  2. Singer Kendrick Lamar was invited to hang out with POTUS where they chopped it up about life and community.
  3. Students from the 2014 Science Talent Search invited to meet the president .
  4. 2016 Easter Egg Roll. Lottery winners invited to hang out at the White House.
  5. First grader Kameria, is invited to the white house to meet President Obama after the video of her crying  because his term is ending soon went  viral. She and the president share the same birthdate.

Children From Around The Country Have Met President Obama

Children and adults  have received warm welcomes to the White House. Over the last eight years, the nation has watched Sasha and Malia  grow into beautiful young ladies. FLOTUS Michelle Obama made sure programs were in place addressing the needs of children. She spearheaded heath programs addressing childhood obesity, STEM programs, and other initiatives.  Having Malia and Sasha grow from little girls into young ladies has been a delight. Their presence may be the catalyst behind the number of programs and invites children have received to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Watching the mic drop and corresponding  “Obama Out” lets us know that his final term as commander-in-chief is coming to a close.  We don’t know who will replace Obama and all the charisma he and Michelle have brought to the White House.  The mic drop, like so many other Obama moments, was epic.

See video here:

Featured Image: Getty/Pool

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