Cruz Confronting Trump Supporters Is Cringe-Worthy To Watch (Video)

At an impromptu campaign stop on Monday in Marion, Indiana, Ted Cruz was met with jeers from a group of Pro-Trump protesters. Perhaps deciding this would be a good chance to wake Trump supporters up to the idiocy of their candidate, Cruz crossed the street to speak with them. Then things got awkward.

Miming Trump, like a good little puppet, the man Cruz speaks with spouts off chants of “do the math” and “lying Ted!” Cruz tried to maintain composure and steer the conversation toward actual facts, but Trump’s supporters were having none of it. When Ted Cruz comes across as the voice of reason, the exchange becomes even more uncomfortable.

Cruz tried speaking to the man calmly and said:

“Sir, with all respect, Donald Trump is deceiving you. He is playing you for a chump.” Cruz said.

Cruz cited recordings made by the New York Times Editorial Board where Trump had declared that he wasn’t going to build the wall or deport anyone. He also attempted to bring up the million dollar judgment against Trump for his hiring of illegal immigrants. Neither argument had any sway with the staunch Trump supporters.

The man (who declined to be identified) demanded of the Senator:

“I believe in Trump, he’s the only one that’s gonna put us where we need to be. What are you gonna do about our Second Amendment?”

At this point, Cruz lights up and begins sharing his record of defending gun rights in front of the Supreme Court while pointing out Trump’s record of supporting Clinton-era gun restrictions.

Cruz goes on to say that Donald Trump would never have come over to speak with the protesters. He would have instead ordered his minions to assault them. The man tells Cruz he’s lying again at which point Cruz tells him  “this is on national television, you can watch the facts.”

Cruz really should have known better then to think  facts would hold any sway in a debate with one of Trump’s troglodytes. Perhaps after this exchange he will have a better understanding of how Democrats view members of his party.

h/t Addicting Info

Featured image screengrab from YouTube