Malia Obama Chooses Harvard, Fox News Followers Throw Shade

Malia Obama, 17 years old,  is a senior at Sidwell Friends School in the District of Columbia. According to Addicting Info, when Fox reported that Malia will attend Harvard University after sitting out a year, the comment section lost its collective mind. On Sunday right wingers got down and dirty in the comment section.

 Back Off Of Malia Obama

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This isn’t the first time people have slandered Malia or younger sister Sasha.

In general, most news writers know that the children of celebrities, politicians, and dignitaries are off limits. It’s an unwritten rule. While FOX didn’t do the bashing directly, followers of their page went crazy.

The comments about Malia were so bad that I wondered if Fox might be paying people to post hate. Surely the name calling and disparaging remarks about a teen come from an organized endeavor. Or it may be that name calling is the best-uneducated conservatives can manage.

We’re not talking book smarts, just common sense. Fox viewers are still losing either way. Malia was called a “monkey, an ape, and the N-word.” I kept waiting to hear that All Lives Matter followers had stepped in with a planned protest date in mind to call out the haters since they’re so firm in their beliefs that all lives matter. I’m still waiting.

Let Talk Facts: Malia Obama Is Winning, at 17

POTUS and FLOTUS have borne more disrespect than any other president in the history of the U.S.  Their children should be off limits. Period.

Malia handled her business when the First Family visited Cuba last month by serving as an interpreter. She’s that fluent in Spanish. Here’s betting that those going out of their way with Affirmative Action rhetoric and suggestions that Malia is taking  a year off to help her folks “remove silverware and White House trinkets” forgot that Malia is extremely intelligent.

Racists Need To Get A Grip and Have Several Seats

The Obamas were a power couple well before moving into the white house.  FLOTUS has earned two Ivy League degrees, one of which happens to come from Harvard. Malia Obama is a legacy.

No one bats an eye when three and four generations of white students come from the same family. Folks need to get over it. Malia made trips to a dozen schools before deciding Harvard is the one.

Here’s wishing the soon to be high school graduate all the best.

For video of Malia and her sister, Sasha, through the years, see below:

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