Trump Supporters Claiming Christianity: An Oxymoronic Slap In The Face Of Jesus

This is a manifesto from someone on the Christian Left. That someone happens to be me. My name is Kyle Neven — and I am Christian.

This is my truth.

I’m sorry if it hurts.

Truth often does.

And from this day forward I am taking my Jesus back.

This is a promise seared in faith, inked in Christ’s blood, branded by The Bible itself. This is my vow to myself. You see, I am the kind of Christian who prays for guidance, not how you should be guided. I ask for direction, not how to direct you or anyone else. I don’t feel blessed for what “things” I have, I’m simply just grateful.

I don’t ask to be healed, made rich or more powerful. My prayers are for me and are actually none of your Goddamn business. My belief in Jesus is my own cross to bear. I don’t deny science, I’m not a Creationist. And I have no fucking clue if Christ came back from the dead.

I simply feel in my heart there is a Christ. I also don’t feel the need to prove it. Salvation has nothing to do with my goal. My faith is not pressured, nor is it fear-based or ego-necessary; it’s more of a release. A delicious exhale. I’m just someone who happens to believe, and I happen to be on the Christian Left — the right side of Light.

But yes, I am still a Christian. (Now enough with the niceties!)

Let’s get real: If you are a Right-wing Christian Conservative and a Trump supporter — you my poor deluded friend, forged of dank and derision are but a petrified pawn puppet. An unChrist-like malcontent controlled like a macerated marionette strung along by the darkest of masters.

You are NOT a Christian. (If you’re looking for a visual… How’s “lopped off rotten carrot-tops wearing bad toupees in a bath of sour grapes blended into oblivion inside your beloved Vitamix?”)

Can you see it now? What are you? Clearly you are an excrement, a byproduct — nothing more than the end result of a lobby group set on perpetuating a regressive ideology so far from the true meaning of Christianity, it makes God ache. But not the Devil — he diddles himself in the throes of hallelujahion ecstasy every time you scream “Lock her up!”

It really is just that simple.

So I will from now on call you what you are — I hereby pronounce you “The Followers of ChrISIS.” Yep, you heard me… Christian ISIS. (You are the fear-addled warmongering worshippers of Christian Sharia Law.)

And I will not let you usurp my faith with your immorality. Period.

Does my being Christian Left allow for those on the Right to also be Christian? Of course it does! Why wouldn’t it? Love is inclusive. Just like Jesus teaches — the Left is based on compassion and acceptance; it’s the “others” who indulge in hate you must be thinking of.

It’s true. I have friends and family whom I adore and respect, and who happen to be Republicans. With obvious disparate views on many issues, are they are still Christian? Sure. Many of them are more than kind, very giving, and love-based at their core. So I am not saying the Christian Left owns Christ. We don’t. But not a single Conservative in my inner circle would EVER consider voting for Trump. No true Christian could.

I also have amazing friends and family I love just as much who are Atheist and Agnostic. Are we all going different places? Not according to my God. You see hope lives here. For LOVE is the only key necessary to travel these roads. But if you have values like those vomited by Trump and his ilk, and you call yourself Christian, you not only have a delusional disorder, you are a liar, you are a thief — you have stolen my savior.

You have spat in the face of Jesus.

The world of Trump supporters can only be described as terroristic. They are not Patriots, they are “Hatriots.” A morality so very dark in its discipline, cruel in its very nature and deviously destructive in its dankness.

It is ugly and it is unholy.

These Bible-quoting bipedal bigots are but blasphemous blow-hards. An ugly ilk of intolerant ignorami  who’ve regressed back into lower life forms — writhing in glee at the wickedness spewed forth by Trump and Fox News. These barely-there-beings bask in the dirt under an umbrella of utter contempt. Holding on to a past of unearthly decay, these cancers of our country survive off of fear, thrive in ignorance and multiply through mediocrity. A dystopian pathogen which expands one’s willingness to praise empathetic lack.

It’s a lovelessness which is their sickness.

The Right has already become morally bankrupt by allowing corporations to bankroll their soul-souring smorgasbord of taint and disease. And if we allow these crude stains to continue unbridled, they will not only deliver more filth and poison, ultimately they will decimate the Light.

But we know what they are up to. We’ve finally figured out why the Right hates us — our kind. Those of us on the Left: Hillary, Obama, Gays, Women, and the Men strong enough to comprehend this plight. They loathe those of us out there who want to heal, not be forced to heel. We are disdained because we refuse to bow to corporate masters or regressive evangelical pastors preaching lies in the name of Jesus. They know they can’t win, so they are trying to cheat the game.

They want the End of Days!

Nope, not joking. They are so desperate for that frickin’ Rapture, they are fuming themselves into oblivion. Literally “fuming” — poisoning the earth with their coal plants, corroding their children by denying them science, plundering our oceans through gluttony and greed, and toxifying themselves with hatred.

This will be their own undoing.

They loathe us on the Left because we are screwing with their timeline. You see, the only way “they” are gonna get beamed up, is if they can destroy all that is good and holy down here.

They NEED war.

Poverty excites them.

Natural disasters are on their prayer lists!

Carpet bombing the Middle East makes them ooze with passion.

And having all us Progressives gaining more and more power? It un-does everything they have been praying for… and preying upon.

They wish us ill will because we are the flame of the future. A beacon of Light.

We believe that all good people deserve Heaven — except OUR Heaven can be created here on Earth.

I know it. I feel it. Do you.?


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