TX Governor Endorses Trump Cuz ‘None Of The Above Not An Option’

It’s really no surprise that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will be voting for Donald Trump. They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Politically though, Texas seems to have the most intolerant, bigoted, and small-minded politicians in the nation.

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Now with Texas Senator Ted Cruz out of the presidential running, Abbott thinks that Trump is the only option. Recently on MSNBC, Abbott was asked if Cruz supporters should vote for Trump. Abbott responded by saying:

“We do have a choice. It’s not like “none of the above” is a potential option. And we see the devastation that Hillary Clinton would wreak upon the United States of America. She would be far worse than just an extension of the Obama agenda. She promises to even worsen the Obama agenda.”

Ahhh, that pesky Obama agenda. Seven-years in and he’s still trying to make us all bow to Sharia Law. The confiscation of all of those guns isn’t going very well either.

Maybe it is Hillary that will strive to keep this agenda alive. The alternative is that Abbott is spewing the same old fear-mongering BS that Republicans are so fond of.

Politico expands on the “devastation” by quoting Abbott as saying:

“You know, we have a big problem in the state of Texas, with regard to our border, with regard to illegal immigration. And based upon the things that she has said so far, she would make the problem even worse.”

Paranoid much Mr. Abbott? It is Abbott by the way that recently made transgender bathroom usage a priority in Texas. Prioritizing at its best. Patheos also reminds us that Abbott has:

“…sued the Obama administration 31 times.”

That sounds like it would cost Texas taxpayers quite a bit. His contempt for the Obama “agenda” even came through last week when he tweeted this:

Oh Hillary, say it isn’t so. Why would you continue an agenda that fights for people’s civil rights and sensible gun-control? Just promise you’ll keep the LGBT community in line.

Kristie is 22-years-old and resides in Nashville, TN. While reading is a passion, she also has a passion for writing. Reporting on social issues such as LGBT rights, racial injustices, and religious intolerance, she also has a vested interest in the current political climate in America.