Scientific Study Confirms: Freddie Mercury Had An Unparalleled Singing Voice

It took a team of international scientists listening intently to Queen records around the clock to confirm what most of us already knew. Freddie Mercury had the voice of an angel.

If you are not sure who Freddie Mercury is, please watch this:

The group of Swedish, Czech and Austrian researchers studied Mercury’s speaking and singing voice to pinpoint exactly just how amazing the Queen singer’s vocal skills were.

In the video below, listen to Mercury’s different voices:

The results of the study were published Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology in April. While they couldn’t confirm that Mercury had a four octave range, some interesting findings emerged from the research, including the likelihood that the singer was actually a baritone and not a tenor as commonly believed.

This finding was based on the analysis of six interviews which showed that Mercury’s median speaking frequency was consistent with a baritone. The fact that he could pass for a tenor so well is a true testament to his talent.

Without a living subject to study, the researchers were limited in how much they could infer from recordings. To overcome this, they brought in rock singer Daniel Zangger-Borch, to try to reproduce Mercury’s singing.

Zangger-Borch’s larynx was closely filmed to determine just how Mercury made his signature sounds. The scientists concluded that he used subharmonics to create his spectacular vocal effects. This involves the ventricular folds, a part of the throat most people never use, vibrating with the vocal cords.

The scientists also found that Mercury’s vocal cords moved a lot faster than most people’s. While the average vibrato oscillates between 5.4 Hz and 6.9 Hz, Mercury’s average was an incredible 7.04 Hz. To put this in perspective, Mercury could do things with his throat that even Luciano Pavarotti couldn’t do.

Whether you love Queen or loathe them, the findings are indisputable. Freddie Mercury was a true star and his singing voice was unparalleled.

Enjoy some of his videos below and determine whether you agree with this study or not:



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