STUDY: Lazy People Who Sleep Late Are Smarter And More Creative

We’ve all heard that old saying, “the early bird gets the worm.” But is this still true with so many studies showing otherwise? In fact, science continues to prove that humans are more productive later in the day than in the morning. These studies have been conducted all over the world and continue to show that people who sleep late – are simply smarter and more creative.

Coffee is Still Essential

Coffee is a stimulant that really helps people secure optimal focus and determination. In fact, people that wake up later than others are usually caffeine aficionados. While coffee does have its drawbacks – research continues to show its benefits in improving focus, neural connections, and memory development. Late risers usually rely on coffee to help jump start their days, while others have to deal with brain clutter and fogginess during the early hours of the morning.

Recent studies also showed energy gained from coffee consumption improves reaction timing. It also enhances general cognitive functions – due to the chemical’s ability to block the inhibitory transmitter adenosine.

Ability to Sustain Long Hours

While the debate between late and early risers continues, the facts simply speak for themselves. A recent study only confirmed what late risers have known all along – that night owls are more productive than early birds. This particular study cemented that fact by specifically examining the links between participant productivity levels and circadian rhythms. The results showed that people who sleep late at night can focus on stimuli with better grasp and attention levels.

Lower Stress Levels

The BBC also reported on a recent study comparing stress levels between early and late risers. Once again, studies showed that late risers were able to deal with stress much better than early birds. It was also found that late risers were typically in better moods. With all these studies coming to the same conclusion, late risers are able to make better use of their time and are now officially more creative than others.

Before ending this, if you are lazy and you feel like you are living your life wrong, watch the video below about the science of laziness. Did you know that there is a “couch potato gene”? I know right! Go and watch the video below.


Image via Pixabay.