Former NBA Player Etan Thomas Goes In On Racist Woman On Amtrak

People of color are faced with microaggressions every day. Sometimes racism is so blatant that it strikes a cord in your spirit and you have to respond. Former NBA player Etan Thomas had the game on the court during his tenure with the Washington Wizards. According to The Root he showed he still has game when a racist situation occurred on an Amtrak train that he couldn’t ignore.

The Woman Didn’t Have To Lie

Thomas saw an empty seat next to a white woman and politely asked if the seat was taken. The woman responded that it was. A couple minutes later a white man approached the same woman and she offered the seat without hesitation.

Sometimes You Have To Confront Racism Directly

Thomas made the decision to go back and confront the woman. He asked her if she was scared or uncomfortable having a black man sit next to her.  Pointedly, he asked,  

“Did you just not want ME to sit next to you?”

According to Thomas, she copped an attitude and responded,

“Don’t pull the race card stuff with me, I dated a Black guy in college.”

Dating One Person Doesn’t Preempt A Person From Being Racist

By this point Thomas was over the woman’s obvious lie and her false sense of entitlement. Perhaps she believed that announcing her affinity for one black man during her college years meant she couldn’t be racist in 2016. Thomas snapped her picture with his phone and posted it to Facebook. She told Thomas she was going to get “the law” on him for illegally taking her picture. The closest thing to the law at the moment was the conductor.

The conductor made his way to Thomas and engaged him saying,

“Etan Thomas I love what you’re doing in the community. I loved you with the Wizards”

The Racist Woman Was Flat Busted

Thomas then asked the woman if there was anything she wanted to tell “my man” the conductor. Her response was an eye roll. She could have apologized for the entire lie and been done with it. Again her sense of entitlement wouldn’t allow her to be a decent human being. Thomas’ post hit Facebook Friday night and has received over 8,000 shares, 30,000 likes and 1,600 comments.

Featured Image: Facebook Etan Thomas

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