Albuquerque Anti-Trump Protest Turns Violent (VIDEO)

A Donald Trump (R-N.Y.) rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico erupted into violence last night, according to the Daily Mail, though exactly who was responsible remains unclear. Protesters were ejected from the rally inside the Albuquerque Convention Center and the demonstration outside turned violent.

ProgressNow New Mexico and other community groups planned a #StandUpToTrump demonstration last week, after plans for Trump’s rally on May 24 were announced.

The Daily Mail described the scene:

“Around 100 protesters broke through a barricade outside the building shortly after Trump took to the stage, trying to throw rocks through a window and at police, and setting fires on the street outside.


During the rally, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was interrupted repeatedly by protesters, who shouted, held up banners and resisted removal by security officers.


Protesters outside overran barricades and clashed with police in riot gear. They also burned T-shirts and other items labeled with Trump’s catchphrase, ‘Make America Great Again.’ The scenes were reminiscent of a rally which was postponed in Chicago back in March when supporters of Trump and demonstrators clashed.”

But ProgressNow says the media got it wrong.

“When the event finally started, most protesters packed up and headed home.

Hours later, individuals with a different agenda descended on the streets outside the Convention Center as the event was letting out.”

This was backed up by a tweet from the Albuquerque Police:

This screengrab from the video below shows that the daytime protests were peaceful:

Albuquerque Peaceful 3

New Mexico is not exactly Trump country, despite the fact that the crowd inside the Convention Center was estimated to be about 8,000, the Albuquerque Journal reports. The state has the highest percentage of Hispanics in the nation.

That includes New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, chair of the Republican Governors Association, who is no fan of Trump. She, along with Lt. Gov. John Sanchez, Albuquerque’s Republican Mayor Richard Berry, and New Mexico’s only Republican Congressional representative, Steve Pearce, all snubbed Trump’s event.

Predictably, Trump attacked Martinez during his remarks yesterday, reports Talking Points Memo, and even threatened to run for governor, himself.

To which I say, “Good luck with that.”

Watch scenes from the protest in the video below.

Featured image: Screengrab by Today.

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