BREAKING: PI Says Casey Anthony Paid Her Attorney With Sex, Admitted She Killed Baby Caylee

Nearly five years have passed since Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. The controversial ruling is receiving additional scrutiny, as former private investigator Dominic Casey has come forward accusing Anthony of confessing to the murder, and paying her attorney with sex, according to PEOPLE.

In a 15-page affidavit, PI Dominic Casey claims that he once witnessed “a naked Casey” upon arriving unexpectedly at the office of Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez. Casey also claimed that Baez had told Anthony she owed him oral sex for canceling an interview.

Dominic Casey said in his deposition that he had questioned Anthony about her sexual relationship with Baez,

“Casey told me she had to do what Jose said because she had no money for her defense.  I reminded her that Baez had more than enough money from the network he sold the photographs to pay for her defense.  Casey apologized and assured me it would not happen again. [sic]”

While unethical, such a relationship is technically not illegal.

PEOPLE reports that Casey went on to say that Baez had confided in him about Anthony’s guilt, saying,

“[Baez] told me that Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped the body somewhere and, he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did.”

The paperwork was filed as part of Dominic Casey’s deposition for Anthony’s bankruptcy case.

In a statement released to PEOPLE, Baez denied the validity of Casey’s claims, saying,

“I unequivocally and categorically deny exchanging sex for my legal services with Ms. Anthony … I further unequivocally and categorically deny having any sexual relationship with Ms. Anthony whatsoever … I have always conducted my practice consistent with the high ethical standards required of members of the Florida Bar … My representation of Ms. Anthony was no exception.”

Baez hired Casey in August of 2008. He claims Anthony wanted to find a way to pin Caylee’s murder on either her family, or the meter reader who ultimately located the toddler’s body. Casey wrote a book about the Casey Anthony case, according to WTSP, which may have provided motive to come forward with the allegations.

Featured image by Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images