Glenn Beck And Guest Wonder Aloud: Will A ‘Patriot’ Assassinate Donald Trump? (Audio)

It’s no secret that Glenn Beck despises Donald Trump. Beck was a supporter of Ted Cruz in the 2016 GOP race, and he has been turning up the heat on Trump in recent weeks, saying he fears if Trump reaches the White House, it could be the end of democracy in the United States.

On Wednesday, Beck was discussing Trump with author Brad Thor. Thor minced no words, saying he’s certain a President Trump would suspend the Constitution and rule by decree:

“This could bring down incredible heat on me because I’m about to suggest something very bad — it is a hypothetical I’m going to ask as a thriller writer. With the feckless, spineless Congress we have, who will stand in the way of Donald Trump overstepping his constitutional authority as President? If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that? If — if — he overstates his constitutionally-granted authority I should say as president, if he over steps that, how do we get him out of office? I don’t think there is a legal means available. I think it will be a terrible, terrible position the American people will be in to get Trump out of office, because you won’t be able to do it through Congress.”

Beck, always eager to spur on a guest who agrees with him, hopped aboard the crazy train with Thor and noted:

“I would agree with you on that. I don’t think that you actually have the voices. We’ve been talking about this off-air for a while; I think the voices like ours go away.”

Now the thought of Glenn Beck being off the airwaves on a permanent basis is indeed a nice thought, and I don’t disagree that Trump has the potential to be a dictator if elected. But discussing how one might get rid of him and suggesting a “patriot” take him out is, in my opinion, a bridge too far. Violence only begets more violence.

To get a better idea just how unhinged Beck and Thor are, here’s their full conversation from the Wednesday edition of Beck’s radio show:

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