Viral Video: 12-Year-Old ‘Scientist’ Explains The Link Between Vaccines And Autism

Since the 1990s there have been conflicting opinions about whether or not vaccines in childhood cause autism.  A few studies have hinted at finding a connection, but most medical experts now believe that the link never existed.

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Still, many parents have concerns, and there has been a growing anti-vaccine movement in the U.S.. Parents refuse to vaccinate their child, then try to send them off to public school. It has become an area of impassioned disagreement among young parents.

Arguments against vaccination are obvious. Parents don’t want to take the risk of causing autism in their healthy child. Arguments in favor are equally obvious. Failure to vaccinate puts all children at risk, particularly those who have compromised immune systems or are chronically ill.

Neither side has yet convinced the other, but one young humorist/video blogger may have created the perfect video to put the argument to rest.

At only 12-years-old Marco Arturo is still a child, but he has already created a video that has reached more than three-million viewers, according to an article in RawStory.

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In the video, Marco tells us that he will be talking about a delicate topic, that of vaccines. He goes on to say:

“We’ve all been lied to by scientists and pharmaceutical companies about vaccines. And after a lot of research, I’ve realized that vaccines can and will cause autism.”

The dark haired young scientist looks directly into the camera and tells us that he has gathered all of the information that he’s found showing the link between vaccines and autism.

He has placed it all into the folder which he will now show. He promises to carefully review everything and to explain it all. He’s good, very convincing.

He opens the folder, and gets ready to explain it all.

You should really watch the complete video below to find out for yourself just what young Arturo reveals.

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