WATCH: Man Arrested After Posting Chilling Facebook Pics

A Texas man is currently locked up at the Collin County jail after he posted chilling pictures to his girlfriend’s Facebook page. The two pictures showed the dead body of 43-year-old victim, Jennifer Streit-Spears, and a blood-covered selfie of alleged murderer Kenneth Alan Amyx, 45.

The caption under one of the gruesome photos read,

Please pray for us.”

When Plano Police investigated on Sunday morning, they found the women fatally stabbed in her apartment. Amyx’s was arrested nearby, suffering from multiple self-inflicted stab wounds.

The incident was reported by the sister of the victim, who called 911 when she saw the photos posted on Jennifer’s Facebook account. The photos have been collected by detectives and logged as evidence.

Initially Streit-Spears’s sister, who wished to remain anonymous at first, was told that Facebook would not remove the photos.

“They told me I could block Jennifer if I didn’t like what she posted and gave me other similar options.[sic]”

The photos were finally removed, 36 hours later, but only after Facebook monitors determined they were posted by the killer and not as a cry for help from the victim.

A friend of the deceased said that although the pictures were not clear, they were “extremely scary.”

Fran Stamey told CBS DFW that she was shocked to see the grisly images on her friends page:

“It’s hard to think that somebody would just do something like that and have the guts to post something like that.”

This isn’t the first case of a murderer posting evidence of his crime to social media, but it is no less chilling. Killers reaching out to seek sympathy for their heinous acts is not a trend that should catch on.

Amyx had his stab wounds treated at a hospital before being taken to jail. In addition to the murder of Jennifer Streit-Spears, he is also charged with two sex crimes and has a history of continued sexual abuse of a child. His bail is set at $600,000.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube