Alberto Gonzales Defends Donald Trump’s Racist Ignorance, But Fails (VIDEO)

The fraud case stemming from Trump University has been met with Donald Trump’s most recent attempt at race play.

Trump now has a Latino man, George W. Bush administration Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, to defend Trump’s opinions and concerns pertaining to U.S District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Latino heritage and how it may or may not influence how he manages Trump’s lawsuit. Trump thinks that Judge Curiel is biased, and will overstep professional boundaries when handling the Trump University fraud case.

Alberto Gonzales’ Defense Of Trump

The defense pushed by Gonzales is based on ignoring Trump’s own rhetoric and employing mind games to help sway public opinion. Gonzales starts by pointing out Judge Curiel’s affiliation with public, Latino lawyer groups, and insists that these groups may jeopardize the judge’s ability to be subjective. He remarked that Judge Curiel is not being perceived as impartial and that the public will quickly lose faith in its lawyers.

Apparently, just because Judge Curiel is part of Latino groups, then he is a thorn in the side of America’s judicial system.

Gonzales keeps reaching by also pointing out that Judge Curiel has close ties with Hillary Clinton. He talks about a relationship in 2014, long before anyone thought that Donald Trump would be running against Hillary Clinton. This logic is so flawed that he acknowledges that the time frame of his own assumptions makes his argument invalid.

Worrying about impartiality is a viable concern, but the notion that a judge cannot be impartial due to ethnic implications has been studied by the federal courts, and it consistently does not hold any merit.

Why Can’t This Sensitivity Be Applied To Trump’s Campaign?

For someone who has consistently aligned themselves with white supremacist and racist groups, Trump seems particularly sensitive about people and who they may represent. Not one to quickly decry the support of white supremacist groups, Trump seems okay with racial groups flexing their influence – as long as they are not a certain skin shade.

Not to mention that the judge is a Latino American who was born in Indiana, not in Mexico.

This is just my simple observation on the xenophobic, prejudiced, and misogynistic foundation of Trump’s campaign.

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