‘Make America Gay Again’ And Celebrate LGBT Rights! (VIDEO)

Sick of seeing those Trump campaign hats everywhere? Here is the best counter-Trump hat you can get. American Apparel teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign and the Ally Coalition to make its new PRIDE collection, aptly called “Make America Gay Again.”

This is obviously a play on Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” They have t-shirts, tank tops, magnets, buttons, and more.

Jack Antonoff, co-founder of the Ally Coalition, had this to say in a statement:

“Rachel and I founded The Ally Coalition to inspire fans to take action for LGBTQ Equality. During a year where LGBTQ rights are being threatened all over the states, everyone is responsible for coming together and challenging these injustices. I’m proud that The Ally Coalition is joining with American Apparel and The Human Rights Campaign to #MakeAmericaGayAgain.”

This is not the first time American Apparel has gotten involved in politics. They had a “Legalize Gay” collection for a campaign against Proposition 8, the anti-gay rights bill that California tried to pass. Some people wanted the clothing store to stop carrying BUTT Magazine. Xtra! applauded the company’s refusal to take the magazine off of its shelves:

“That’s why it’s so wonderful to read in this issue about the recent flap over American Apparel’s support of Butt magazine. When the story first broke in the mainstream I was sure I knew the outcome. American Apparel would pull Butt from its stores, issue an apology to its customers and fire some poor schmo from the purchasing department.

Instead it called Butt ‘a wonderful fashion, culture and art magazine,’ acknowledged that it was a hot seller and said it would continue to offer it to its customers.

American Apparel handled the objection and hysterical mainstream media coverage rationally and brilliantly. It’s so encouraging that a large US retailer is willing to embrace sexual expression – gay sexual expression – not only as a moral and aesthetic act of goodness but also as a singularly effective marketing tool.”

Here are the co-founders of the Ally Coalition modeling the clothes from this collection.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.

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