Donald Trump vs. MLB Mascot: Who Would You Rather Have As President? (VIDEO)

Various organizations perform polls about the candidates, the issues, and anything else they can think of asking people. During this entire election year, we have been inundated with those poll results.

Sometimes the polls don’t even reflect the way people actually end up voting. They can be manipulated to say whatever the poll takers want them to. Last week, a Reuters poll shows Hillary Clinton leading by a wide margin.

I hope the people who vote on that poll will vote for her in the election.

Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia Magazine reported a fun poll that the Public Policy Polling organization did this week. Even if it’s not accurate, it is hilarious.

They asked the question, “Who would be more qualified for president: Donald Trump or Phillie The Phanatic?” Phillie is the mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. The results showed that 46 percent want Phillie, 40 percent want Trump, and 14 percent are unsure.

At least Phillie is actually likable, and he is not a racist. Phillie, the giant green mascot, is one of the most likable mascots in all of the sports world. Phillie doesn’t talk either, so maybe that helped him get votes.

They had about 1,106 voters in the survey, which was conducted from June 3 to June 5.

I’m concerned with the 14 percent who weren’t sure. You had a choice between a green, fuzzy, mascot, or an orange, always-yelling blowhard. Maybe they just didn’t have a candidate with their favorite color.

The survey included many other questions as well.

One of them involved a scenario where Rick Santorum was Donald Trump’s running mate. In that poll, 44 percent of voters would vote for Hillary Clinton in that scenario. 49 percent of the people polled were democrats, and 53 percent were women.

The organization, Public Policy Polling, was found to be the most accurate predictor in the 2012 election. They predicted a 2-point lead for Obama, which put the results  at 50 percent for Obama and 48 percent for Romney.

In real life, that poll was off by less than two points. Obama had 50.1 percent and Romney had 48.4; that’s pretty darn close.

Here is a fun video of the Phillie Phanatic dancing with Paula Abdul:

Featured Image A Screenshot Of MLB Video Via YouTube.

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