WATCH: Jurors Are Refusing To Serve On Cases Presided By Stanford Rapist’s Judge

During the jury selection process for Judge Aaron Persky’s next case, at least 10 prospective jurors refused to participate. They cited their outrage at Persky’s gentle handling of convicted rapist, Brock Turner, for their refusal to serve under the judge.

According to sources in the courtroom, one prospective juror told the judge:

I can’t be here, I’m so upset.”

Another called out Persky directly:

I can’t believe what you did.”

Each time this happened, the judge told the prospective juror that he understood their position before thanking them for their time and excusing them from duty. The jury was being selected for an unrelated case of misdemeanor receiving stolen property.

Persky sparked outrage by ordering only a six-month county jail sentence for Turner’s rape conviction. Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman last year outside of a Stanford University fraternity party. He’s expected to serve only 90 days of his sentence under California Penal Code Section 4019(a)(6), according to the LA Times.

Mugshot of Brock Turner screengrabbed from The Young Turks video via YouTube.

Turner was facing the possibility of at least two years in state prison for his crimes. Prosecutors recommended a sentence of six years, but Judge Persky opted for a probation report recommendation instead.

Citing the 20-year-old’s youth and lack of a criminal record outside of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, Persky felt that six-months of jail time and three years probation was an appropriate punishment.

Persky claimed Turner was entitled to leniency and that a longer sentence would have, “a severe impact” on the fragile young rapist, who was convicted of three felony sexual assault charges.

Supporters of the victim have been extremely vocal in their criticism of Judge Persky’s ruling. This has led to several petitions being launched in an effort to recall Persky, including one being led by Stanford Law Professor Michele Landis Dauber.

Persky’s supporters have argued that at least some of the juror’s statements may have been prompted by a desire to get out of jury duty.

Regardless, this tactic could prove problematic if it continues to prolong the jury selection process for Persky’s cases, as it has done for his current trial.

Featured Image A Screengrab Of CBS SF Bay Video Via YouTube.