BREAKING: FBI Says It’s Unlikely Charges Will Be Filed Against Hillary Clinton In Email Matter

After months of controversy and investigation by both Congressional committees and the FBI, it now appears clear that the matter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while at the State Department will soon be put behind her.

According to FBI investigators who are working on the Clinton case:

“The FBI has not yet interviewed Clinton as part of its investigation. As CNN first reported, investigators have not found evidence to support criminal charges against Clinton and none are expected, but no final determination will be made until that interview has taken place.”

Just last week, it was reported that some of the emails sent by Clinton involved the drone program used against terrorists across the globe. But the same FBI source noted:

“The CIA drone program is covert and considered classified, so while it is widely discussed in public and in media reports, any discussion of the program on a non-classified system is a violation of government rules. For this reason, the CIA insisted that the emails on the subject be retroactively classified.
“Discussion of classified matters on government non-classified email systems is a perennial problem that occurs widely in the government, but damage is typically contained because violators use government email systems. What is not common is a cabinet-level official using a personal server to conduct all official business, outside the protection of government email servers.”
But the bottom line is this: While the use of the server may not have been exactly what the State Department would have wanted, no laws were broken and the continued talk from both Donald Trump and some of the Bernie or Bust crowd that Clinton will soon be indicted now seems to have been nothing but speculation mixed with conspiracy theories.