Goddess Diamond 12th Trans Woman Murdered This Year (VIDEO)

Devin/Goddess Diamond worked in customer service at Walmart, according to the The New Orleans Advocate, who shared Goddess Diamonds’ story.  She is the 12th murdered transwoman of color this year.  Human remains were found inside a burning car in New Orleans Sunday, June 5.  NOLA coroner’s office has listed the cause of death as blunt force trauma.

Friend Describes Goddess Diamond

Diamond’s friend and co-worker told The New Orleans Advocate that Goddess Diamond was in the process of “transitioning.” She would answer to Devin/Goddess, but preferred to be referred to as a woman. Still reeling from the disbelief that her friend was beaten to death, the friend remembered Goddess Diamond as “sweet.” Diamond’s Facebook page lists the preferred pronoun as “he,” and the Transwomen

We have to pay attention to the number of trans women killed this year.

Goddess Diamond.  Say. Her. Name.

Transwomen Get Dragged The Most – They’re Being Murdered

All of the transwomen who have been snatched away were killed by cowards too afraid to accept anything different from them. Even in death, not enough people give a damn.  Transwomen and men are the step-children of the LGBTQIA alphabet train. Dogged for “imitating”real women,” and “fooling” unsuspecting fellas, they’re also scorned in general for just being too damn much. Too much is how transphobes describe transwomen. Too much and too damn loud. Goddess Diamond Lived Low-Key

Goddess Diamond Was Not Turned Up

Goddess Diamond was only twenty years old. She was well-liked on her job and she took pride in her work. She held a straight job despite a high percentage of unemployment in the transgender community.

The research never accounts for girls who are part of House culture. Trans girls taken in by a House come complete with House Mothers and Fathers. Once in, you follow the House rules and become ride or die for your House family.  The House movement is still going strong albeit underground. House culture doesn’t subscribe to anything traditional . Even the 9-5 is dismantled. In Houseland you may sleep all day and be a worker bee during the night hours. It’s the land of balls, fierce designer skills, and slick dance moves.  All done flawlessly while serving attitude and face.

Goddess Diamond Was Just Trying To Live

Goddess Diamond was not House Flashy. In the picture that accompanies this article, she was dressed in her Walmart uniform and a flower tiara. No flashy ball gown here at all. I’ve been in lesbian circles where transwomen were simply not welcome. I don’t agree with excluding someone who embraces their “womanhood.” I’m about talking and seeing how we can collaborate on a community art project/ awareness campaign on the intersections of transphobia and racism.

It’s easier for transphobic folks to dismiss the deaths of transwomen by saying they asked for the attention by being flashy. Goddess Diamond proves that this is not true and just another way for haters to victim-blame.

Goddess Dimond Returned to NOLA Ten Years After Katrina

Goddess Diamond wasn’t about that life. She decided early on to use her gifts through a totally-legal-everywhere -job. She’d been uprooted after Hurricane Katrina and relocated to Georgia for ten years. Diamond had recently returned to NOLA only to die at the hands of a murderer. Let’s find out who killed Diamond and others who fall under the LGBTQIA umbrella.

Get mad about it and talk about it. Maybe if enough voices are raised calling out the murder of transwomen they will stop getting murdered for simply breathing. Antoinette Diamond is seeking help to pay for her daughter’s funeral.

A Go Fund Me account  has been set up for Diamond.


Featured Image: Facebook/Devin Diamond

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