5 Reasons Melania Trump Will NEVER Be Like Jackie Kennedy, Despite State Dinner Praises

According to the New York Post, the orange-haired one’s latest con job is to promote Melania Trump as a modern-day Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis at the Republican convention:

“‘There will be very compelling testimonials from his children and his wife,’ a Trump adviser said. ‘Melania will be recast as the next Jackie O. She speaks four languages.'”

Four languages or not, it’s hard to think of anyone less like a Kennedy than a Trump. Even if she were (God forbid) to become the next first lady, here’s why Melania will never be a modern-day Jackie.

1. Melania Trump is not the class act Jackie Kennedy was.

Jackie Kennedy is still known for her style and taste. Melania Trump may best be remembered for her nude photos in GQ. Besides that, she is raising her son as a mini-Donald:

“Barron, the couple’s nine-year-old son, apparently loves wearing a suit and tie and playing golf with his dad. He also apparently shares Donald’s love of bossing people around. ‘I call him Mini-Donald. He fired nannies, fired housekeepers,’ Melania said in a 2011 interview, adding that he quickly hired them back.”

2. Donald Trump is no John F. Kennedy.

Part of Jackie’s appeal was her marriage to the young, charismatic John F. Kennedy, ranked in 2013 as the most popular American president of the last 50 years. Melania is seen as a trophy wife  to one of the oldest, and least-liked presidential candidates in history.

3. Melania Trump is an immigrant raised by a Communist.

Jackie Kennedy grew up in New York, the daughter of a wealthy stockbroker. The 46 year-old Melania Trump emigrated from Slovenia and did not become a U.S. citizen until 2006. She still speaks with a thick accent.

Furthermore, Melania was raised in a Communist home as an atheist.

“During her childhood only five percent of Slovenians were Communist party members and although her father did not advertise his political affiliation, it was obvious to neighbors and relatives.


In line with their father’s officially atheist Communist beliefs, Melania and her sister were not baptized and did not make their first holy communion with the other children, a decision which did not escape Catholic relatives.”

4. Melania Trump is a birther.

Melania Trump supported her husband’s completely bogus and baseless birther attacks on President Obama. It’s inconceivable that Jackie Kennedy would ever have stooped so low or resorted to promoting such falsehoods. It’s doubtful that Donald Trump will stop his crude, bigoted attacks on people once he gets in the White House. If her birtherism is a guide, Melania will be supporting those attacks.

5. Does Melania Trump even know what stately is?

As first lady, Jackie Kennedy had a passion for history and the arts and she worked hard to restore the White House into a museum of American history and culture. Melania promises nothing of the sort:

“[O]n the question of what causes she might support, she has noted she is already involved in ‘many, many charities.’ She elaborated: ‘Many different charities involving children, involving many different diseases.'”

Melania Trump’s vapidity may be a good thing. The Trumps’ New York penthouse is as crass, grandiose and overdone as you’d expect. I can just imagine what kind of “taste” she’d bring to the White House. Actually, I’d rather not.

According to New York’s Daily News, Melania Trump expressed a desire to model herself after Jackie Kennedy as long ago as 1999. Now it looks like her husband will try to grant her wish.

Good luck with that.

Watch the video report on Melania’s modeling career, below.

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Ellen Brodsky is a long time blogger for NewsHounds.us and a contributor to Crooks and Liars. She has also worked as a researcher for Brave New Films' landmark documentary, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" and "Iraq for Sale."