We Are In Pride Month, So Someone Started #HeterosexualPride

Many bigots have been asking why we don’t have “Straight Pride” or “White History Month.” That is because they are not fighting for equality. White men have oppressed women and minorities for centuries. Now they have created #HeterosexualPrideDay.

Here is the tweet from the guy who started it:


Judging from his other tweets about it, I think that this is a satirical joke:



Twitter responded in full saying that we don’t need Heterosexual Pride Day anymore than we need the “All Lives Matter” movement.

You knew they would be here:


This guy, Sam, has broken the internet with this. It’s not clear if this is a joke or not but it is upsetting a bunch of people. The Twitterverse reminded us that “Heterosexual Pride” is insulting and very threatening.

This is not the worst hashtag floating around right now. Twitter users have also birthed #whiteprideday.

A blogger at The Daily Beast talked about what a “Heterosexual Pride” parade might look like:

Warning: Satire.

“Trying to cross Fifth Avenue this morning, much as I was this past weekend, I was interrupted by a parade.”

“There were all the men, in their khakis and J. Crew shirts—we all know the one, the uniform—marching in time, removing their Ray Bans to dab off some sweat on their way to streamline, strategize, consult, and do their definitely real-sounding jobs.”

“Before I knew it, the women had joined them, spilling out of SoulCycle and carousing in a cacophonous din, alternatingly sipping their pressed juices and iced coffees before parting ways to their respective homebases—various PR offices in Flatiron.”

I really hope that “Heterosexual Pride” is never actually a thing. Gay people don’t have Pride days just for fun. They are fun parades, but they are important. People in the LGBT community are still trying to fight for their basic rights. They have these Pride events to raise awareness for the cause.

Here is a YouTuber talking about his views on Heterosexual Pride Day:

Featured image via YouTube screengrab.

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