9 Totally Bizarre Things Parents Have Caught Their Children Doing

Kids can say and do some things that will leave you scratching your head. When my daughter was 3 years old, I once walked into her bedroom and caught her having a tea party with her dolls and a teddy bear. Nothing strange about that, right? But here’s the kicker: The dolls and teddy bear were sitting on each other’s shoulders. When I asked why, my daughter informed me:

“Because they’re all friends.”

Here’s several more times when parents were left flabbergasted by their children:

What’s That On His Head?


“I heard loud music coming from my three-year-old son’s room upstairs. When I yelled for him the music stopped and he appeared in the hall, wearing only underwear, sunglasses and a second pair of underwear on his head. ‘What, Dad?'”


Looking Out For Her Brother


“I’ve caught my three-year-old standing over her baby brother at one in the morning. She was making sure he ‘didn’t climb out and kill everyone’ even though A) he can’t even walk yet and B) he has no reason to go on what would probably be the world’s most adorable killing spree.”


Don’t Blame Me!


“My 3-year-old took a poop in a pillowcase and folded it up into a small square before tucking it under her pillow. She said she didn’t do it. ‘Maybe it was my grandma or maybe the dog?'”


Look, Ma; No Shampoo Needed!


“My daughter, who’s five, took a sip of juice from a straw, spit it into her hand, and then proceeded to rub it into her hair like it was hair product or something. Right after I’d given her a shower. Why?”


The Kid Who Was Also A Dog


“When my brother was 6 months old, my mom taught him how to bark (she was teaching him animal noises). That night, he put a blanket over his head and barked at the wall for fifteen minutes straight.”


Party Kid!


“Walked into my three-year old’s room to find him seated at his toy piano, buck naked except for a necktie and a pirate hat, playing and singing his heart out. I thought to myself, ‘Wherever this kid goes, it’s gonna be a party.'”


What’s That On The Table?!


“My sons were playing in the basement before lunch one day, and while they were eating I went to go check the laundry and found liquid all over their train table. Upon further investigation I discovered it was urine. When pressed, the 2-year-old admitted that he had peed on everything because his brother wasn’t letting him play.”


Did Einstein Start Like This?


“Caught my son trying to stick batteries up his butt, saying that he needed more energy.”

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