Trump Tries To Explain Offensive Star Of David Posting, Gets CRUSHED On Twitter

Do you ever wonder why Donald Trump seems to have a deep-seated need to further complicate a situation when he’s already managed to dig a deep hole for himself? Is is ego? Pride? Or just good old-fashioned ignorance?

Today, the Orange Menace took to Twitter to try and explain (yet again!) why he sent out a tweet the other day which featured an image of Hillary Clinton superimposed over money and complete with a Star of David. The message inside the star proclaimed:

“Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”


When a firestorm ensued, Trump then replaced the star with a circle, meaning he knew the star had been offensive and intended it to be.

And then today, rather than sit back, enjoy some BBQ and celebrate the Fourth of July, Trump again took to Twitter and tried to blame his own actions on the media:

This time, social media exacted revenge on Trump, and Twitter users lit the presumptive GOP nominee up with tweets such as these:

Someone asked me yesterday if I thought Donald Trump was really an anti-Semite. Afterall, they noted, his son-in-law is Jewish. And to that I said, Yes, I do think he is. I think he hates anyone who isn’t him or a direct descendent of his. Which means that if he thought he could send his son-in-law to a concentration camp and get rid of him forever, he most certainly would.

Donald Trump is a malignant cancer on this country, and it’s up to each of us to excise him from the body politic on Election Day, November 8, 2016.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab