WATCH: Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Calls Trump A ‘Racial Healer’

Over the years, I’ve heard some crazy stuff flow from the mouths of politicians on both sides of the political spectrum, but what Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said earlier today on CNN’s “State of the Union” may qualify as the most preposterous utterance in history:

As part of a larger discussion on the state of race in America, Fallin told host Jake Tapper this about Donald Trump:

“I think he’s trying to campaign as a racial healer. I think that has been part of his message, if you watch what he said this week, you know he talked about how devastating it was for Dallas, how we need to respect our law enforcement, how we need to pray for those who are killed and those who are injured. I think that is his intent; I trust him with his words, and I think we all need to move towards being compassionate, loving, healing, but yet also respecting our law enforcement.”

Notice she only mentioned law enforcement. Not a word about the deaths of Alton Sterling or Philando Castille, who died at the hands of overzealous members of the law enforcement community.

Tapper reminded Fallin of some less than savory facts regarding some of the things Trump has said since he announced his run for the Oval Office:

“I’ve heard from a number of Latino Americans, Muslim Americans, Native Americans, Jewish Americans, African-Americans, all expressing concern about some of the things Donald Trump has said.”

As you might expect, Fallin didn’t address that statement as she was far too busy trying to nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize as he continues his work on the racial healing issue.

Donald Trump has called Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers, suggested that all Muslims are terrorists and should be banned from entering the United States, and has also played footsie with the KKK and neo-Nazis as he campaigned for the GOP nomination. This man is a racial healer? Yeah, and Mussolini was just a misunderstood guy with a funny way of waving hello. Gimme a freaking break!

Here’s Mary Fallin on CNN this morning:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab