Black Man Found Hanging From Tree In Atlanta’s Piedmont Park

It’s 2016, right? Given a recent disturbing discovery in Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Ga., one would think it’s possible space-time ripped and we’re all living in the 1890s.

Atlanta police found the body of a black man hanging from a tree in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park in the early morning hours of July 7. The man’s death was initially ruled a suicide, but Mayor Kasim Reed released a statement noting that the case had been turned over to the FBI for further investigation:

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of a young man’s life last night in Piedmont Park. This disturbing event demands our full attention. The Atlanta Police Department (APD) is conducting a robust investigation into his death and I have asked to receive regular briefings on the status of the investigation. We have also referred the case to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Everything we have seen suggests that there was no foul play involved, but I want to state clearly and unequivocally that we will not prejudge the circumstances surrounding this young man’s death. APD will share all evidence discovered in the course of this investigation. We ask for the public’s support and cooperation as we work to resolve this matter.”

 There have been rumors that the Ku Klux Klan had been active in the Piedmont Park area, distributing material that night.

Mayor Reed and Atlanta police have both stated there is no truth to those rumors and that it’s likely the Ku Klux Klan are not involved in the hanging man’s death. From NBC 11 ALIVE:

“Reed addressed the interest on social media, saying, ‘I’ve been following Internet — social media chatter — and they’re just saying things that are not true.’

Reed also stated there was no truth to another Internet rumor involving KKK involvement at Piedmont Park on Wednesday night.

‘We have reviewed our video cameras, we have spoken to a number of individuals and we have not found any evidence that the KKK was in Piedmont Park distributing materials,’ Reed said.

Reed urged those on social media to be ‘honest and accurate and care about what you’re putting out.’

At the news conference, Atlanta Police Major Scott Kreher gave the timeline surrounding the events of the discovery of the man’s death.

Kreher also stressed that there was no evidence of foul play.”

If the deceased committed suicide, given recent events, we can see how someone may jump the gun and assume a modern-day lynching had taken place. It’s not a good idea to jump to those kinds of conclusions, given the implications. Even though Atlanta police have come to the suicide conclusion, the fact it’s being handed over the FBI shows that this case isn’t quite finalized.

Whatever the investigation shows, it’s still important not to jump to conclusions.

Featured image via Pixabay.

h/t Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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