Hillary Clinton Totally HUMILIATES Chris Christie For Being Trump’s B**ch (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton is finally finding her voice. Clinton has taken criticism as times for being too soft on many issues. She has even taken hits for not fighting back hard enough when attacked.

Unfortunately for her detractors, Clinton is far from damaged. Also, with the endorsement of Bernie Sanders yesterday, July 12, Clinton seems poised to unleash on the Republicans.

Image via YouTube screengrab.

In fact, she showed some of that fight in Atlantic City, NJ just over a week ago during a speech. Now we all know who is representing Atlantic City. It would be the potential vice president and current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Just a few minutes into her speech, Clinton praised a city council and Mayor that were “working hand in hand.” She then turned her sights towards the spineless tag-along and said:

“…and if your Governor would start doing his job instead of, instead of following Donald Trump around holding his coat, maybe we could really get New Jersey’s economy moving again.”

It’s no secret that Christie has been Trump’s bitch for a while now. Trump has told him to “get on that plane and go home” before, and when it was found out that Nabisco was moving to Mexico and he would no longer be eating Oreos, Trump told a crowd:

“Neither is Chris! You’re not eating Oreos anymore!”

Now whether or not that was a fat joke you can decide. But being told you’re not allowed to eat something anymore? That has “bitch” written all over it.

Maybe Bill Maher should get in on the action as he already started the #WhinyLittleBitch movement for Trump. He did a great piece on how Trump was one just weeks ago. I believe Christie would fit right in.

Either way it looks like Clinton has taken the gloves off and is ready to go after these bitches.

While the video below is 28:42 long, Clinton’s jab at Christie starts at the 6:10 mark. The rest is a total skewering of Trump and his pathetic track record in business.

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