Here’s What Would Happen If Everyone In The World Became Vegetarian

These days, it is common to bump into someone who is a vegetarian. There are so many of them that some people feel as if meat-eaters are in the minority. A few years passed, and these same individuals might just feel that meeting people who love and eat meat is something in the past.

There was a study carried out in India and China recently and it stated that due to increased average wealth in those countries, more and more individuals are able to afford meat, which makes it almost a staple in most households.

Meat-eating individuals in the above mentioned countries are countering the growing trend of vegetable-eating people in the United States of America and in Europe. In the west, it is more important for individuals to go vegetarian, hence vegetarians are educating others on the benefits of going green.

What would happened if every single human being on earth suddenly turns vegetarian? To find out, AsapScience conducted a thought experiment. The objective is to find out what sort of impact would it leave on people and the planet if everyone is a vegetarian.

The view offered by AsapScience was both scientific and unbiased. One very obvious benefit of going vegetarian is that all animals will no longer suffer or die at the hands of every human being on earth. It is a lot healthier to live on a plant-based diet, as there are so many health benefits to eating greens.

To know more about the benefits of being a vegetarian, watch the video below:

Image is a screengrab from YouTube.