Homophobes Vandalized Home Of 2 Gay Teens. Their Mom Got The Perfect Revenge

Erin Kennedy of Delong of Villas, New Jersey, recently took a stand against homophobic slurs and vandalism. As the proud mom of two bisexual daughters, Kennedy woke up one morning to discover her garage door had been scrawled with anti-homosexual graffiti. The vandals had targeted her daughters – 17-year old Miranda and 14-year-old Emily – for their bisexual views and identities.

Instead of simply painting over the epitaphs – Erin and her daughters cleaned off the graffiti and repainted with a huge rainbow flag image. This, of course, is the main symbol of the LGBT community, which is also celebrating Pride Month this June. Erin and her daughters’ courageous stance have been praised by countless families and individuals across the world. While the rainbow flag continues to showcase this proud LGBT household – the words “I’m Gay” accentuates the message-and is a clear indication to homophobes that their paranoid vandalism will never stop an entire community and movement.

So proud were Delong and her daughters that they posted photos of their newly painted garage door on the STOP-Homophobia Facebook page. The story not only generated an instant buzz but also went viral in minutes. In fact, Erin and her daughters continue to receive mass praise and support from all across the globe. Sadly, there has been some negative backlash – with neighborhood kids hurling anti-gay insults the family. Erin and her daughters, however, simply let the insults roll of their backs. After all, “what they do says more about their character than ours” says Erin.

DeLong also says her family has learned a great deal from this experience. This includes the fact that the road to LGBT acceptance is still long and full of many bumps and obstacles. Overcoming these hurdles, however, requires patience – but also swift responses to homophobia, bullying, bigotry, racism, and hatred. While you should always pick and choose your battles, the DeLongs chose theirs and came out truly victorious. Erin is also a firm believer in loving your kids unconditionally – and showing them that what people think of them means nothing. The only important thing is being united as a family and truly standing up for who and what you are!