Donald Trump Got Very Creepy With His Daughter At The RNC (VIDEO AND TWEETS)

Donald Trump is proving once again that he wants to bang his daughter. He very creepily felt her up onstage at the convention. It may seem innocuous with other families, but Donald Trump’s got a history of saying creepy things about her. He looked her up and down and grabbed her arms and waist.

She had just finished her speech, and he greeted her onstage in this manner. He grabbed her upper butt area after her arms. Of course, Twitter is going nuts about it.

One Twitter user pointed out the Trump was high-fiving everyone else on stage, but he kissed and grabbed Ivanka. This was just further pointing out his weird relationship with her:

Another thing to remember, Ivanka has never actually come out saying what she thinks of this. She just kind of laughed when he said it in one interview. Does that mean that she secretly wants him or does she not care that he has inappropriate feelings for her?

Trevor Noah from the Daily Show likes to remind us about this creepy fact. Check out a clip of the show here. Noah started the hashtag, #DonaldTrumpWantsToBangHisDaughter.

Do you think this is a new thing? Nope. Here is a very creepy photo taken when Ivanka was a teenager. The parrot statues and the look on her face are more than just an adoring daughter look.

He was once asked about Ivanka appearing in Playboy (while she was sitting next to him). He said:

“It would be really disappointing — not really — but it would depend on what’s inside the magazine. I don’t think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

Here is a compilation of Trump getting creepy about his daughter:


Image is a screengrab from YouTube.

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