Justin Bieber Basically Told The RNC To F**k Off After They Offered Him This Much Money To Perform

Justin Bieber received a staggering $5 million offer to perform at a Republican event during the GOP Convention, but in the end chose not to be associated with the Republican party.

CAA, the talent agency which reps Bieber and received the offer, told TMZ that a promoter had contacted Bieber’s staff and asked him to do a 45 minute performance at a venue near Quicken Loans Arena, where the RNC was held.

Justin Bieber
Image via YouTube screengrab.

The offer was turned down after Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, considered quitting, even though the GOP promoter promised that the event was not going to be political. They also said that Bieber would not be endorsing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, or any of GOP’s policies.

Braun is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, and has even hosted a fundraiser for her at his L.A. home. He considered the event to be 100 percent political, and even with the promise of not officially endorsing Trump by performing, Bieber would certainly and irreversible be linked to the presidential nominee by accepting the gig.

But $5 million is a lot of money even for a superstar like Bieber. He was offered to be paid up front, and the GOP donors who bankrolled the gig would also cover all production expenses. Besides, Bieber is Canadian and not directly affected by American politics.

Initially, both Braun and Bieber considered the offer, but they requested to use Black Lives Matter banners.

However, Braun was told the donors would only accept All Lives Matter banners, and made it very clear that Bieber mustn’t say anything that could in any way be taken as criticism about Trump nor the GOP.

Braun then changed his mind because he felt the GOP was using Bieber as it’s tool. He made it clear he didn’t want to continue representing Bieber if he accepted the gig.

Bieber’s band is comprised entirely of African-Americans and they did not want to do the show either.

A final deal breaker was the fact that the promoter had said that LeBron James was going to attend an event in Cleveland. James would¬†be welcoming the audience without endorsing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, or any of GOP’s policies as well.

But when Bieber’s staff got in touch with LeBron’s representative, they were told this wasn’t true. They¬†urged Bieber not to accept the gig either.
So in the end, Justin turned down the offer. Sorry, GOP, this world famous performer is just not for sale.

H/T to TMZ