Charles Koch Accuses Reporters Of ‘Blood Libel’ For Doing Their Jobs (VIDEOS)

Charles Koch is not here for your accusations that he is going to support Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, this election cycle. He put rumors to rest – a rumor that proliferated after he said that he will not be voting for Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Koch even went as far as saying that the rumors were “blood libel.”

A billionaire with close ties to philanthropic and political groups, Koch is using his network to inject $250 million to influence electoral outcomes this election year.

Koch Brothers Have A Trend of Voting Libertarian

The Koch brothers have a long-standing history of donating to organizations that are directly associated with the Libertarian and Republican Party. They are typically steadfast in supporting free societies and free-market principles.

Many people would think that Trump would be their ticket candidate, since he positions himself as the person who will look out for small businesses, as well as support plans to cut taxes.

Surprisingly enough, the Koch brothers have taken the high road, slamming Trump for his proposed idea of a Muslim registry. They think that this type of thinking is a threat to a free society.

The Koch network is reporting to spend more than $750 million in total, with the network being one of the largest players in the political arena.

It seems almost strange that they haven’t publicly endorsed or supported a presidential candidate by now. This time around, instead of injecting millions into politics, the Koch brothers and their political allies are focusing on cultivating academics to support a system that “maximizes peace” and the well-being for everyone.

Koch’s main focus is influencing young Americans to help deter socialism or corporatism – young Americans who will be the future leaders and political figures of the United States.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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