Hillary’s Gorgeous Secret Weapon (VIDEO)

It has become apparent that former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Clinton has a nephew, 22 year old Tyler Clinton. Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger has a very good looking and intelligent son. Tyler is not just the nephew of the famous couple, he is also a model in his own right. Tyler was seen and noticed on stage on the final night of the Democratic Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia. His looks have gained a lot of attention and it seems Tyler could be Hillary’s secret weapon in luring more of the young vote.

Upon seeing Clinton’s easy on the eye nephew, Twitter was set alight, with some even claiming he had ‘broken’ the internet. The hashtag #Imwithhernow started trending, with many people tweeting that that the gorgeous, young model with the close connection to Hillary, had clinched their vote.

In the past Bill Clinton has been regarded as having Kennedy good looks himself and, it seems this runs in the family. As well as being dashingly handsome, Tyler recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University in California. His uncle, Former President Bill Clinton, is reported to have spoken at his commencement.

Tyler’s modeling seems to be going well and in addition to this, it seems Tyler’s heart is also in the right place. Tyler and his (heartbreak alert) girlfriend are reported to be very proactive in fighting for LGBT rights. This reveals a very caring side from within the presidential candidate’s family, and is in sync with the values of the Democrat party. Tyler’s pro gay rights stance will surely make him even more popular with the gay community, many of whom have also noticed his good looks on social media.

It seems Tyler is an all-round nice guy. The attention he has attracted may be centered on his looks, but the fact that Tyler’s sentiment is also strongly ‘with her’ will surely be appreciated by the Democrats trying to attract young voters.

Featured Image taken from YouTube video